Rebuilding Atlantis

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The third installment of Dr. Michael McDowell’s End-time fictional novel series (1. The Service – Final Sign, 2. The Thirteenth Throne)


They were looking for lost treasure… Instead they found the Future!

Off the coast of the infamous, former Pirate-Capital, Nassau, Bahamas… a marine salvaging company (CUSAR) discover a Time-Capsule left by an Ancient Civilization. What they find shatters our theories of the Early Earth; challenges Modern Archaeology; stuns our Collective Arrogance; and betrays an Ageless Agenda that is set to be fulfilled in these Endtimes.

The head of CUSAR, Paul-Henri Courtois, calls upon the world-famous Caribbean eschatologist, Dr. Matthew Hodges, to unravel the mystery. In the process they discover the shocking truth that ‘much more’ than the First World is being resurrected; and the Return of Christ is even closer than they thought.

From the Cotton Fields of the Confederate South to the clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean… plunge into this Apocalyptic thriller and begin an adventurous journey that will forever change the way you view the world.