The Service Final Sign

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The first installment of Dr. Michael McDowell’s End-time fictional novel series (2. The Thirteenth Throne, 3. Rebuilding Atlantis)

A disgruntled scientist, A ruthlessly powerful CEO

An uncompromising preacher, A staggering revelation that violates the innocence of the earth.

The Service Final Sign is the first part of Dr. McDowell’s thrilling novel trilogy.



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Nobel prize-winning molecular biologist Dr. William Levinsky suddenly resigns from the Life-Science, transnational conglomerate, Nuspec Genomics. Levinsky has a planned rendezvous with Dr. Matthew Hodges, pastor of a mega-church in the Caribbean. Hodges is an international Bible Prophecy Conference speaker, whose research into the biblical text and ancient scrolls discovered in Qumran, have revealed a devilish plot to alter the human genome. As Hodges and Levinsky twin the findings of theology and biotechnology, they come face to face with the horror of ‘Project Metatropi’ and the power of a clandestine global elite, who will stop at nothing to cover their tracks.

Can Hodges and Levinsky survive the onslaught and warn the world? All hell breaks loose in the southern Caribbean republic, as angels, demonic warlords, church leaders, assassins, drug dealers, government officials and the saints of God, all gather for… The Service… The revelation is about to be released.


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