The Thirteenth Throne

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The second installment of Dr. Michael McDowell’s End-time fictional novel series (1. The Service – Final Sign, 3. Rebuilding Atlantis)

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The death of one of the world’s leading bioweapons experts, is splashed all over the international media… his suicide note opens a Pandora’s box… A massacre in the North Eastern DROC displaces tens of thousands, leaving mineral-rich lands for the taking… An International Banker and his financial empire capitalize on the genocide… and a high ranking Cardinal of the Roman Curia is having recurrent nightmares about an ancient civilization…

Sweeping through the centuries from Mesopotamia to the Italian Renaissance; from the jungles of the Congo to Piazza de San Pietro… there emerges a fast-paced tale of warriors and empires; of armies and assassins; genocide and exploitation; Papal conclaves and Financial intrigue. Journey back in time to the ancient civilizations of Sumeria and Akkadia; the ancient cities of Nineveh and Florence and the modern metropolises of Buenos Aires, Jerusalem, the Vatican, Washington DC and Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago…

World famous Russian-British Microbiologist, Dr. William Levinsky and legendary Caribbean Eschatologist, Dr. Matthew Hodges, spring into action in their second revolutionary adventure. Once again, blending Science and Scripture… they fight for survival, as they try to unravel the mysterious mingling of elitist blood-lines and genetic haplogroups, to identify a dangerous and influential global dictator!

What will they find? Will they succeed? And who is this emerging, charismatic world leader who is destined to sit on – The Thirteenth Throne?


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